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Don't take my word for it - Review

Ken Smith on Celtic Soundscrapes by Chaparral Andrew Hodges -

so glad to have met Andy and I really enjoyed our musical conversation. Have spent a lot of time listening to Celtic Soundscapes today and thought I'd better write and let you know how much I like it!

Fabulous maelstromic (?) stuff that seems to climb inside your brain and bugger about with it. Right now it's all a dizzy mix of sounds that are either brand new experiences for me or sounds that switch on little aural memories that have bugger all to do with anyone else, just moi -like bike bells, fairground echoes, rain on the roof, weird bass runs, those glassy moments that mingle with something that sounds like a harmonica and then horn lines that at one point remind me of Miles and then develop into summat completely unlike what I assumed they were! Great stuff that I find fascinating especially (at this moment but I think it will change) track eight onwards.

For some reason I find myself going over those last few tracks which seem to meld together perfectly although I keep having to break off to listen to track one which I love for it's metallic slabs and that pillock of a bell that is trying to tell us something. Those rumbling bass lines sound like a backing track for Juana Molina (if you see my point). Balsamic stuff - as I once said in a review  (nobody questioned it!).

It's usually a pain in the puddin' when someone gives you a self-produced CD and wants to hear your opinion, best not to ever meet up with some of those folks again I've found. 

Not this time! Made me happy as a dog with a tin dick.

Have a listen for yourself and see how happy it makes you - go to Chaparral Andrew Hodges artists page to hear the album in full.

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