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Polyrhythm E-books available

Our fiendishly clever Chaparral Andrew Hodges has been very busy . Over the years he has been developing , practising and writing up his very own Poly Rhythm Method . Titled the HoHoChi Rhythm method, Andy has written up thousands of different rhythms - and he wants to share them all with you . He now has 5 books published in E format , as well as a you tube channel . The videos are filmed in stunning locations across North Wales and are designed as teaching aids , so that you can learn the HoHoChi from the grand master .

" These Books are unlike any other and contain a brand new approach to music. Previous knowledge is neither necessary or relevant and my aim is to promote the creation of new and original music by providing new and original tools, both for musicians and beginners.
In my opinion the playing of symmetrical polyrhythms is as much a spiritual discipline as a musical practice and this work should appeal to seekers of inner harmony and balance as well as creative sound practitioners."

So far we have not found anybody else who has written up as many Rhythms as Andrew - in our books that makes him a world leading expert ! We will aso be running polyrhythmic drumming workshops very soon . Stay tuned for more information In the meantime learn amazing rhythms from Chaparral Andrew Hodges here -

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